Diego López García
A self taught journey

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1980, the same year Queen released «Another One Bites the Dust», Ozzy Osbourne released «Crazy Train» and «The Shining» and «Airplane» were box office successes. None of this was relevant in my country but I think it reflects my personality in a good way.

Also, my birthday is December 25th and, in fact, I always only receive one gift.

Since I was little, the best way to express myself was by drawing and joking, creating stories, comics became my best friends and movies and good old rock opened my mind in a creative way. When I finished high school I decided to study at a film school but to my concern at that time here in Colombia the film industry was very «short» and there was never the opportunity to draw, the greatest opportunities were only in the advertising field.

So at that time I learned illustration from a great teacher called RODEZ, at first for children’s books and that was the beginning of my path, working for publishers and then learning to design editorial books and other things for educational purposes.

📜 Experience:

My work has gone from editorial design, illustrations for children’s books in the beginning, then I sought to develop my creativity in a more comprehensive way, writing and developing content for different brands and projects, with this development I led teams in multidisciplinary projects that included everything from creation of videos, photography or formats. In recent years, this creative work has turned towards the social, helping different national and international organizations to improve their communication and creativity.

💡 Creative consultant

  • Civicus Monitor: Since 2019 he has been working as a creative consultant to create concepts, graphics and illustrations for multiple projects such as the annual People Power Attack report, The Watchlist, Stand As My Witness. Also helping to improve the website and communication on social networks. The core of CIVICUS is the freedom of expression and protest of civil society.
  • OACP (Office of the high commissioner for the peace process): «En Vos Confió» was the concept of this work on the recovery of trust after the war in Colombia. Through workshops and strategy creation, I led teams of designers and creators from each region, overseeing the creative process and ensuring the delivery of high-quality images for the main campaign concept.
  • HuevoFrito Studio: Developed and implemented content strategies and created scripts focused on campaigns that effectively communicated brand stories and messages as an independent partner of the studio.

Creative direction

  • Poliedro Studio: With the British Council and the ICBF (Colombian Child Protection Institute), I created this campaign as creative director on second chances for young people looking for new opportunists against all odds. We created mini documentaries of the young people who went through the Colombian penal system so that in their own words they could tell us their dreams and their desire for change.
  • YoungMarketing: Creative director of different content projects that includes Tedx Bogotá and creativity workshop for companies that want to generate co-creation awareness for teams.
  • FactorialMedia: Creation of scripts, leading design teams and multiplatform campaigns for brands, companies and events.

🎨 Design

  • FLIP (Foundation for Freedom of the Press): Creation of concepts, graphics and design for the 2018 annual report and other projects related to Freedom Press.
  • RTVC (National Public Television): Head of design for different projects as ads, concepts for tv shows, web and transmedia projects.
  • Sancho BBDO: Creative designer on the digital deparment creating content and strategies for brands on social media to generate engagment. Mostly of the work was for Ferrero group  brands (Nutella, Tic Tac, Rocher and Kinder).


  • Illustration: Proficient in creating visually stunning and conceptually rich illustrations, bringing ideas to life through various artistic styles.
  • Content Creation: Adept at crafting compelling and engaging content across different platforms, combining creativity with strategic messaging.
  • Graphic Design: Skilled in graphic design, with a keen eye for layout, typography, and visual hierarchy to deliver impactful designs.
  • Led a team of designers and illustrators, overseeing the creative process and ensuring the delivery of high-quality visuals for client projects.

🤖 Software:

  • Suite Adobe Design
  • Suite Affinit Design
  • Office
  • Html and WordPress basic


  • Piedepágina- 10/2006
  • Latin-America Worldwide Graphic Design- Zeixs 2009
  • Novum World of Graphic Design- 05/2010
  • Grafik tasarim- 36/2010
  • Creative mornings Speaker 2020

I truly believe that creativity can change the world but You have to save the world by telling good stories.